Prayer Point for the Church

Prayer is crucial to our Christian walk. For most, it becomes boring because it is monotonous and we do not see results when we want to, our feelings of excitement abate and there is no more motivation for remaining in prayer. All prayers appear like smoke that’s rising up in the heavens. Just like other types of communication, it is a two-way process. In order to keep illness and the cost of medical treatment down, it is a significant part of my life. It is not a competition with yourself to be perfect. It is meant to be a personal conversation with God, but it makes sense to pray together in certain venues, just be careful about your intentions.Prayer point for the church

Don’t forget, His time isn’t our time. There are instances when my wife and I am unable to find adequate down time to speak. It is an impossible task to repent 1 time and be like Christ.

Church planting involves LEADERSHIP and it is going to be more successful once you sow some of your finest people. The church has many volunteers and a great deal of technical assistance that I didn’t get an opportunity to credit unfortunately. Church planting is COSTLY and can be quite difficult if you’re not able to invest sacrificially into the work you’re starting. Excellent churches are made with people that are faithful in the little things.